Post-Install Steps

Now that your CrossOver environment (“Bottle”) has been prepared, it is time to install the licensed IBM Notes/Domino software.

You may obtain the software in the following ways:

A) Download the free Designer client from IBM, which also includes the components necessary to install Administrator and the Notes Client if you are properly licensed.

B) Copy the installation files from your existing download. You do this by right-clicking on the “Bottle” in the CrossOver Window->Main Menu. You will then see an “Open C: Drive” which will display the file system folder. Please then:

  • Make a new directory called “TempWork” or equivalent
  • Copy the Domino installer to it
  • Click the Total Commander icon to launch it — this looks “DOS-like” and is an easy way to visualize the structure your Windows software sees when running in CrossOver’s Bottle environment.
  • Navigate to the TempWork directory and launch the Domino installer.
  • Unpack the files to something like C:\TempWork\DominoInstaller
  • Follow the normal installation steps

Please note that IBM and CrossOver DO NOT currently provide support directly for this configuration. The only support channel is the LinkedIn forum. In time, we hope to refine this process enough that IBM will recognize this as an official distribution — but we can only achieve this with YOUR help to spread the word on social networks and actually use it!

It is very important for you to use the “Buy CrossOver” button from the site so that your purchase of the product is counted toward the bugs we are reporting as a community to CrossOver.

By proceeding, you agree not to contact CrossOver support directly for any bugs related to running Domino under this configuration — even if you purchase the software. and the LinkedIn forum are the channels which are collecting bugs and prioritizing them for resolution.